Instrumentos Tradicionales Ibéricos Iberian Folk Instruments

There is a series here of links to my favorite web sites related with the instruments, the folk music, artisans, musicians, etc... there are too a bibliography selection. In the Spanish version of the web there are more links.
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Folk Instruments:





 1.- Very good web about the Gaita Navarra (pipe), made by the Navarrese Folk group HIRUDUNA GAITARI TALDEA. Includes scores for this instrument.

 2.- Another web about the Gaita Navarra (pipe).

 3.- Web page about the catalonian Gralla (pipe).

 4.- Web page on the different Spanish Bagpipes and Pipes. Very good.

 5.- Another web about the  Bagpipes.

 6.- Web about the Sac de Gemecs, the Catalonian bagpipe.

 7.- All about the Rabel (folk rebec).

 8.- "Euskal Herriko Txistulari Elkartea". Portal dedicated to the Basque Txistu (three holes pipe).

 9.- Another page about the Txistu (three holes pipe).

10.- Web about the Asturian Bagpipe.

11.- Portuguese folk instruments.

12.- Web about the Dolçaina Valenciana (pipe).

13.- Web page of the Iberian Hurdy-gurdie Association.

14.- Julio Pereira's Web, a very pretty page about stringed Portuguese instruments.

15.- Web page about the Bandolim, the Portuguese mandolin.

16.- Web page about the Salamanquese Folk Instruments, made by the ethnographic association SALMANTICES.

17.- Web about the Basque country folk instruments.

18.- Web on the Catalonian Flabiol (pipe).

19.- Web page about the Gaita Sanabresa (a castilian bagpipe).

20.- Information about the Timple (as an ukelele), las Chácaras (big castanets) y los Tambores (tabors) from Canary Islands.

21.- Web page about Galician instruments and a list of instruments makers.






1.- "The taborer´s page".

2.- Web page from the  Instruments maker Jesús Reolid.

3.- Musical Instrument Makers Forum (MIMF)

4.- Instruments de Musique Du Moyen Age. Very good page about the mediaeval instruments.

5.-  Folk Swedish instruments.

6.-  Museo Cultura e Musica Popolare dei Peloritani ,from Italy. Very good photos.

7.- Musical Instruments Encyclopaedia, from Michigan University.

8.- Web about the Säckpipa or Swedish bagpipes. Information for to build the instrument and midi archives.

9.- Virtual Museum about the Instruments from Colombia

10.- m Web page about the Indigenous folk instruments from Argentina.

11.- Web Page about the Folk instruments from South America and Caribbean countries.

12.- The Hurdy-gurdie portal.

13.-  A lot of good information about the European Bagpipes.



Folk Music:


1.- The Aragonese Folk Music Web page.

2.- Spanish Folk resources in the web

3.-  Webpage about the Iberian Folk music. Very good.

4.- The Web page of the best Iberian Folk group: La Musgaña

5.-  Luis Delgado's web, multiinstrumentist especialized in mediaeval, arabic and oriental music.

6.- Web of Paco Díez y La Bazanca, another good Iberian music Folk group.

7.- Web from various Balearic groups: Músicanostra, Xeremiers de Sa Calatrava y Pep Toni. It have old photos of old folk musicians.

8.- Web of the Plectrum Quartet Assai. Lots of links on stringed instruments around the world.





1.- Web of the Joaquín Díaz Foundation, dedicated to the study of the Spanish folk culture.

2.- Web page of Trébede, a Spanish National Radio program about folk music.

3.-  The Worldmusic Portal. Lots and lots of information about the worldmusic.

4.- A Catalonian On line magazine on Traditional Culture.

5.-  Another  On line magazine from the Aragonese Pipers Association.




-"La Gaita y el Tamboril", de Alberto Jambrina y José Manuel Cid Cebrián. Centro de Cultura Tradicional, Diputación de Salamanca. 1989. Book that study the Iberian Pipe and Tabor.

-"Mapa de Instrumentos Populares en Castilla y León", de Luis Angel Payno y Lydia Zarceño. Temas didácticos: Serie documental. Centro Etnográfico de Documentación. Diputación de Valladolid. 1987. Booklet and Map on Castilian and León folk instruments.

-"Instrumentos Musicales de construcción sencilla", de Luis Angel Payno. Temas didácticos de Cultura Tradicional. Centro Etnográfico de Documentación. Diputación de Valladolid. 1987. Booklet about central Spain Folk instruments building.

-"Museo de Instrumentos",  Multimedia CD-ROM edited by the Joaquín Díaz Foundation and the Junta de Castilla y León in 1999. 

-"Los instrumentos musicales en el mundo", de François-René Tranchefort. Alianza Música nº 20, de Alianza Editorial. Madrid, 1994. 

-"Musical Instruments of the World", Diagram Visual Information Ltd. Paddington Press. London, 1976. A very good book.