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In this site, I want to show you a series of Traditional Musical Instruments from the Iberian Peninsula which are part of my particular collection or which I have gone photographing along the time with the purpose of disclosing the knowledge of this type of instruments. The classification has been made by families, following the approach of Sachs-Hornbostel, based on the system that produces the sound.

 Luckily, it is very difficult to embrace all the instruments that exist in the Iberian Peninsula, but little by little we will go making bigger the web among all.

Also, if you are interested in some instrument in particular, in the section of Links there are links to specialized addresses in each instrument, whenever there are them.

Anyway, if you are very interested in my work, I recommend you to visit the Spanish version  too, because it is usually much more updated than the english one. Try to translate it with the Altavista translation service.

Please, excuse my bad english if you found some mistake. My english level is only medium...

Greetings and thank you for spend your time visiting my website. I hope you like it! ...and don´t forget to email me if the web likes you ¿ok?

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Gratefulness: To Joaquín Díaz and his Foundation for the photographic archive. To Josu Gómez and his Folk Page and Folklist members for their support. To my wife and my daughter.

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